PENTRON Caryosan - Çinko Oksit Ojenol Kaide Simanı

  • Stok Kodu: 1006
  • Kategori: Simantasyon
  • Marka: PENTRON
  • Yeni Ürün

 Cement providing good cavity sealing without irritation of adjacent tissues. Reliable analgesic and disinfecting effect thanks to the content of eugenol.


Product benefits

  • Analgesic and bactericidal effect
  • “Diagnostic filling” – the symptoms will go off in case of reversible pulpitis
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Excellent capability to fulfil the root canal
  • Good marginal seal of temporary filling


  • Temporary fillings
  • Cement bases in cavities close to pulp
  • Permanent root fillings with gutta-percha posts

Ambalaj Şekli

30 gr normal toz, 30 gr rapid toz, 25 gr likit