DMG Flairesse Koruyucu ve Hassasiyet Giderici Vernik

  • Stok Kodu: 175
  • Kategori: Hassasiyet Gidericiler
  • Marka: DMG
  • Yeni Ürün


  • Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
  • Sealing of dentin tubules after cavity preparations
  • Sealing of hypersensitive areas at the neck of the tooth and exposed root dentine
  • Protective varnish for preventing caries
  • Remineralization of initial caries

Good reasons for Flairesse Prophylaxis varnish:

  • Desensitizes reliably
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride
  • Invisible on teeth
  • 2 fresh flavors: Mint and Melon
  • Easy to use
  • A brush is included


35 Single Dose 0,4 ml  
  Mint REF 220404
  Melon REF 220405