DMG Constic Self Adhesive Akışkan Kompozit

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DMG Constic - Kendinden Adezivli Akışkan Kompozit

2 x 2 gr

Do more with less.

Etching, bonding, filling in one step: possible with Constic, DMG’s self-etching, self-adhesive flowable composite.
Whether for small restorations of class 1, underfillings or fissure sealings – Constic enables you to save treatment steps and thereby benefit from increased safety during application.
Constic achieves excellent bond strength values on enamel and dentine, and furthermore helps to prevent postoperative sensitivities.
In short: the 3-in-1-flowable is faster, easier, safer.



  • Small restorations of class I and small occlusal primary tooth cavities
  • Fissure sealings
  • Base lining of class I and II restorations
  • Blocking out and filling of undercuts
  • Repairing composite restorations
  • Modifying temporaries and long-term temporaries

Special feature

Very good bond strength values (shear bond strengths) on enamel and dentine.



2 Syringes à 2 g Composite  
1 Brush holder  
20 Clip-on brushes  
20 Luer-Lock-Tips Silver  
  Shade A1 REF 220700
  Shade A2 REF 220701
  Shade A3 REF 220702
  Shade A3.5 REF 220703
  Shade B1 REF 220704
  Shade Opaque-White 

REF 220705



20 Clip-on brushes  
20 Luer-Lock-Tips Silver REF 220712

Good reasons

  • Self-etching and self-adhesive
  • Faster, easier and more efficient treatment process
  • Radiopacity and tooth-like fluorescence
  • Prevents postoperative sensitivities
  • Minimizes potential sources of mistakes